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Welcome to FieldTwin Developer Portal

FutureOn from its inception has always had an API FIRST approach as FieldTwin is an Open Data Driven Design Platform. FieldTwin allows you to quickly build a complete energy field layout or network topology of your field complete with assets and connections. Then you can use our flexible Metadata system to describe the requiered engineering attributes.


Then you can apply your Simulations, Calculations, and/or Analytics workloads as Cloud/Micro Services using our powerful REST API for M2M communication. You have full programmatic control through the REST API for the entire technology stack for integration and communication purposes.

See the short video below where an entire subsea field layout is created by running a script that calls the FieldTwin API:

Developer Resources

Press the button below to go to the FieldTwin API Documentation on how to use the FieldTwin REST APIs.

API Documentation

Press a button below to go to the FieldTwin GitHub Integration or Open Source Packages repository. Here you will find various sample code and information on how to integrate with FieldTwin using our REST APIs.

Code Samples Repo Packages Repo

Press the button below to go to the documentation for all offical FieldTwin integrations. FutureOn offers integrations to SLB Olga, Oliasoft, and other 3rd parties in addition to Wall Thickness Calculators, Span Estimation, Documents Integrations and much more.

FieldTwin Integrations

Press the button below to go to the FieldTwin Support Portal

FieldTwin Support Portal

Press the button below to start signing up for the offical FutureOn Newsletter.

FutureOn Newsletter

FieldTwin Documentation Portal

Press the button below to go to FieldTwin Documentation Portal for all online FieldTwin documentation and much more.

FieldTwin Documentation Portal