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Sample Code Overview

This is an overview of the available FieldTwin code samples you will find in our public GitHub repository. You will find sample code on everything from how to create a FieldTwin integration or call the FieldTwin API for various use cases. Samples include using the API with MS Excel, embedding Power BI dashboards, Cost computations and much more.

You can go directly to the FieldTwin GitHub Repo or select one of the samples below:

List of samples

Folder Description API / Integration Tags
archived Old samples that are no longer maintained
asset-dumper Exports 3D assets from FieldTwin as Collada files API Javascript, Node.js, API token
doc-tab A minimal single page integration that shows the document files uploaded against an object in FieldTwin Design Integration HTML, Javascript, JWT
events-tab An integration that prints all window messages from FieldTwin as they arrive, and the contents of the decoded JWT. Useful for testing and debugging. Integration HTML, Javascript, JWT
excel-macro Calling the API from an Excel workbook using Excel macros API Excel, VB Script, VBA, API token
metadata-import-export A single page integration that exports/imports metadata to/from an Excel worksheet Integration HTML, Vue.js, Excel, JWT
power-bi Instructions for how to embed a Power BI report inside FieldTwin Integration Power BI
python-notebook Jupyter notebooks for plotting the seabed profile of a connection, sorting connections into length order, and getting and setting metadata values API Python, API token
python-tab An integration that calls a serverless Python function to plot the seabed profile of a connection Integration HTML, Python, Serverless, JWT
scripts/javascript Scripts to export a project layout and recreate it in an empty project API Javascript, Node.js, API token
scripts/python Scripts for reading project data and updating metadata values using Python API Python, API token
simple-cost-server Example "Compute Using Server" function for use with the standard Cost tab Integration Javascript, Node.js