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Integration Basics

The FieldTwin API allows you to quickly build integrations on your own where you can connect FieldTwin with you own software applications and/or backend systems. This allows you integrate with e.g. Enterprise Document Systems, Simulations or calculations software.

But first lets cover some of the basic principles on how integrations with the FieldTwin platform work:

  • FieldTwin integrations are self-contained mini web applications
  • They can be hosted anywhere
  • They can be developed using any language or platform you prefer

See the illustation overview below:


FieldTwin Design Suite

FutureOn’s FieldTwin Design is a powerful yet easy-to-use design and visualisation tool that can quickly and efficiently bring energy projects to life. Do not let the clean interface or intuitive design fool you into thinking it cannot handle the most complex problems. With the ability to import bathymetry data, well trajectories, reservoir data, pipeline, SURF, and other equipment data, FT Design brings together engineering teams to design subsea projects with significant cost and time savings. See the video below for an introduction to FieldTwin Design:

Integration Messaging

When you embed your integration with FieldTwin Design you can communicate with FieldTwin, and the integration can:

  • Call the FieldTwin API
  • Call other systems and APIs
  • Incorporate its own database
  • Communicate back


You can also capture messages/events from FieldTwin in your integration and also send messages back to FT Design:



UI based Integrations are set up and installed as “tabs” by using FieldTwin Admin. The default permission can optionally be extended as shown in the illustration below:.


Read more here FieldTwin Admin Docs

Integration Settings

In FT Admin Integration setting you can then select the following options:

  • Configurable UI position
  • Select if it is a visible or hidden integration
  • Give permissions at account level or at project level


Read more here FieldTwin Admin Docs